18-20 JUNE


Course for aspiring FIDE trainers

The world of chess is a fascinating and constantly evolving universe, where skill in the game is just one of the crucial elements for excelling. It is with great pleasure that we present to you our program, designed to guide you towards achieving the prestigious titles awarded by the FIDE Trainers' Commission (TRG).
The FIDE Trainer system stands out for its breadth and attention to detail. Our course, led by two of the world's leading chess professionals, will allow you to acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve FIDE titles.
From FIDE Senior Trainer (FST) to Developmental Instructor (DI), each title represents a prestigious achievement and we are here to guide you along this exciting journey.
Together we will explore the requirements needed to obtain each title, from being the mentor of world champions to the professional skills assessed in the TRG seminars. It doesn't matter your current level, what matters is your passion and dedication for the game of chess.
By joining us, you will have access to cutting-edge educational materials and unique professional development opportunities in the world of chess.

Where: Arona, Lake Maggiore, Piedmont 18-20 June 2024
Trainers: GM RB Ramesh, IM Jesper Hall
Recognized title: The candidate, based on the requirements imposed by FIDE, will be able to see the title of: FIDE Senior Trainer (FST), FIDE Trainer (FT), FIDE Instructor (FI), National Instructor (NI), Development Instructor (DI).
Basic information: The course will be delivered in English and will have the following times: June 18th 2pm-7pm, June 19th 9am-12pm and 2.30pm-7.30pm, June 20th 9am-1pm

Location: the course will be held at the Hotel Atlantic **** in Arona, where you can stay with half board or full board. It will be possible to stay alternatively at the Hotel Concorde **** in Arona with half board only. The distance between the two hotels is 15 minutes on foot.

Packages: hotel accommodations (for two nights) from €444 to €680 per person, depending on the type of room, including the cost of registration for the course. Accommodations for accompanying guests from €144 to €380 per person.

Room availability is always updated in real time and is subject to availability.

Price for the course only without hotel agreement: 350 euros

Please note: The FIDE fee for participation in the course is already included in the registration fee, but the candidate who passes the final exam will be required, based on the qualification obtained, to pay an annual contribution to FIDE for the maintenance of the patent.

Download the pdf with the FIDE rules for the course, the exam and obtaining the various qualifications
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